Barbecue lovers unite: it’s time to grill

Nothing beats a nice time with your family and friends, some properly grilled meat and veggies, while the sun is slowly setting in the background. You are ready for the outdoors season to start, and so are we!

The summer will be all about barbecue at Tomorrow’s Kitchen! Our products are designed to make your life easier. No stress, no dirty kitchen… to barbecue or not to barbecue, is no longer the question.

Barbecue trends

First things first, let’s start by having a look at what’s going on in the world of outdoor cooking. Because we have spotted some really great trends.

Forget the meat

It might not come as a surprise that the past years the healthiness trend has been evolving. All around us we see people trying to eat healthier and exercise more, as we become more aware of the risks involved with an unhealthy lifestyle. As a barbecue traditionally involved a lot of meat and greasy sauces, we are happy to see that this trend is spreading to outdoor cooks now as well. We see healthy skewers, homemade tasty dips and lots of fish instead of meat. We’re loving it!

Home made is hot

This is, of course, our favourite trend. Homemade is hot! We see more and more websites with DIY barbecue recipes. It is not ‘trendy’ to serve greasy sauces from a store bought jar anymore. This year we will start marinating our own meat and fish (with our homemade marinade), we will serve freshly made sauces (preferably with herbs from our own garden) and as a side we serve a salad with veggies from our own garden. Of course we will be there to guide you through all of this, by providing you with tools that make it all easier.

My green BBQ

The world is changing, this is something we can’t deny. As it is established that the meat industry has a massive carbon footprint, Luckily, most of us are very determined to do what we can to stop the pollution of the earth. we see an upcoming trend towards meat replacement. Did you ever try a seaweed burger for example? They taste amazing, are super nutritious, healthy and environmentally friendly. Other popular meat replacements are soy, tempeh, tofu and falafel.

Did you know that the fish industry is significantly more sustainable than the meat industry, especially when bought biologically. Fish consumption grew substantially. Last year over 5.3million portions being were served up in the UK – an increase of 50.7% – as consumers look for healthier alternatives to red meat. This is a trend that we have seen not only in the UK, but everywhere. Let’s face it, no-one can refuse a delicious shrimp skewer or a fish filet cooked in aluminium foil with herbs and vegetables.

We’re all professionals

Because the internet is a wonderful place full of information, everyone is expanding their knowledge on various topics. One of the topics people are getting to know more and more about is cooking. Cooking inspiration and recipe websites are sprouting from the digital ground! Within this constant flow of information, there is a significant number of what we call ‘barbecue influencers’. These influencers teach us to become professionals in our own backyards. We know more, we buy better meat and we cook better. That’s just the way it is now. We’re all professionals!