Benefits of plant based milk

Plant based milk is popping up everywhere. Foodies are blogging about it, supermarkets are selling it and every self-respecting café owner has it on the menu. But what are the benefits of plant pased milk over cow milk? Are there benefits at all?


What is plant based milk?

Plant based milk is a lactose free substitute to the well known cow milk. There are lots of reasons to switch to this plant based alternative. The most urgent reason is being lactose intolerant, which is something that doctors can nowadays easily define. Other reasons are the great taste and the low amounts of fat in most plant based milks. Plant based milks are also very suitable for people that choose to eat vegetarian or vegan.


What are the benefits of plant based milk?

  • It’s rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Most of them are low in fat
  • They do not contain cholesterol
  • They have a healthy combination of mono- and polyunsaturated fats
  • Perfect for people with a slow digestive system


Popular examples

Soy milk – When you’re cooking or baking, soy milk can usually be a one on one substitute to cow milk. It has the same consistency with regards to protein and fat.

Almond milk – This is a very healthy milk-substitute. It contains lots of vitamins, magnesium, iron, protein and fibers. It’s naturally very creamy!

Coconut milk – Often praised for its health benefits, coconut milk is a crowd pleaser. It’s amongst others known to strengthen the immune system. Coconut milk has a naturally creamy and tasty flavor.

Rice milk – Rice milk is often chosen because of its sweet taste. It’s perfect for baking or breakfast recipes. At the contrary it does not contain as much calcium or protein as cow milk.