Health benefits of green leafy vegetables

We all know that fruit and vegetables are important for a good health. A good and well-balanced diet should consist of colourful, varied fruit and vegetables. But did you know that green vegetables in particular include a whole host of benefits? For example, dark green leafy vegetables include the plant pigments lutein and zeaxanthin. The most amount of these plant pigments are find in kale and spinach. According to research these plant pigments may help to prevent heart disease, strokes and breast and lung cancer. What are the other benefits of green leafy vegetables?

First, it’s maybe funny to know that green vegetables seem to have a great influence on your mood. They are a source of folate, and as this contributes to serotonin production, you may find your mood lifting. They are also a perfect solution for rumbling stomachs (this makes us happy too!). The more you eat, the less you’re longing for sweets, chocolate, potato chips or other junk.

Next to that, greens are a good source of natural fibre, aiding digestion and slowing the rate at which your body absorbs sugar. As a result you’ll prevent high rises in blood glucose. Another benefit of fibre is it naturally improves our metabolism and keep the production of our red blood cells at a healthy rate. You’ll also find lots of antioxidants in green leafy vegetables. Vitamins A, C, K, potassium and iron are good for healthy skin and bones, and for building your body’s natural defences, for example against sun damage. The relatively large amount of water contributes to a healthy skin as well and it’s keeps you hydrated.

Last but not least is magnesium. Greens, especially spinach, are high in magnesium which is one of most important minerals for the human body and especially for athletes. The importance of magnesium is enormous, as this mineral contributes to a good health of the bones and muscles. In addition, magnesium is needed to give all body cells sufficient energy. When you are training a lot, you lose moisture and with that magnesium. Therefor it’s always good to take extra magnesium. Or of course spinach.