Help! Which flour do I use?

It seems like every other week someone comes up with a new kind of flour. Corn flour, wheat flour, chickpea flour… you name it. But what is the difference? And how do you pick the perfect one for your dish?

Wheat and whole wheat flour

Wheat flour is the most traditional and generic form of flour. It is made of grinded cereal grains. Whole wheat flour is a bit more healthy, as the shell is grinded with the grain. When a recipe mentions ‘flour’ it usually refers to wheat flour. Wheat flour is not gluten free.

Corn flour

Corn is not technically a grain, but corn flour is made the same way as grain flours. This is why it is called flour. The big advantage of corn flour is that it’s completely gluten free.

Buckwheat flour

This type of flour is popular because of its similar texture to whole wheat flour, though it is completely gluten free. Buckwheat flour is perfect for recipes such as pancakes and wraps. The whole seeds of the buckwheat flower are super tasty in salads!

Chickpea flour

This kind of flour is quite new and undiscovered. It has a lovely nutty taste! It is a very well-known product in the Indian kitchen. You can make excellent naan bread with this flour. It is also gluten free.

Coconut flour

This type of flour is made of grinded dried coconut meat. Seriously, what can’t you make from a coconut we start to wonder!? It contains a lot of fibers and therefore absorbs more liquids that the other kinds of flour described earlier. Because of this, you can’t take the same amounts, you will most likely need a bit less coconut flour than buckwheat flour. Coconut flour is excellent in baking recipes like cookies or cakes.