Organizing a barbecue? Keep it clean and safe

So after covering the barbecue trends in our last blog post, what do you think is the next important thing? That’s right, safety and hygiene. Boring? Maybe. But it is so important to keep the basic guidelines in mind.

Not-so-fun fact: According to the CDC 128.000 people are hospitalized, and 3000 decease from foodborne illness each year in the US alone.

Don’t let bad prepared food spoil your party. Did you know that an estimated amount of 48 million people gets sick every year because of bad hygiene during food preparation? Not this year! And Tomorrow’s Kitchen is going to help you make this an unforgettable party…etc

So which guidelines are we talking about here? We summed up the 10 most important ones for you. Some may seem common sense, others might be new and inspiring to you.

Basic hygiene guidelines

  1. Wash your hands before you start preparing your food.
  2. Clean the grill firmly. Preferably with a brush, you’ll need more than a paper cloth.
  3. Do not reuse the marinade. We understand it’s easy, but there was raw meat in there. Bad idea!
  4. Precook your meat and chicken before grilling it. Safety first! The barbecue will still give the nice, smokey flavor.
  5. Do not touch raw food with your hand, use tools.
  6. Keep your meat chilled with the Cool Plate. Also avoids flies sitting on your food.
  7. Keep your tools separated with the Utensil Rest XL.
  8. Marinate fast and safe with the Instant Marinater
  9. Use the Quick Skewer to create skewers without touching the raw meat.
  10. Avoid cross contamination by using the Disposable Cutting Boards.

Keeping it clean

Then there is the most relatable aspect of it all: the dirty kitchen. When you’re preparing the food for your barbecue, things can get messy. Marinating bags, measuring cups, plates, boxes, it’s all there. We get it. We also get that this can put you off throwing a barbecue in the first place. Luckily there are solutions to this!

  • Utensil Rest XL: A smart kitchen help, made of non-slip silicone. Place your dirty kitchen tools in the holes to prevent them from leaking on your counter top. It also separates your barbecue tools, avoiding cross contamination.
  • Quick Skewer: Create beautiful skewers without any trouble. It’s hygienic, easy and quick. After cleaning, the tool can also be used the other way around in order to remove food from the skewer.
  • Disposable Cutting Boards: Eliminate the risk of cross-contamination of germs. Made out of high quality, recyclable fiber, they are perfect to protect your countertop and cutting boards. Suitable for meat, poultry, fish and veggies.


There really is no reason not to invite your friends to a barbecue party anymore.