BBQ table setup

It’s odd that when you have a dinner indoor you spend a lot of time setup the table. But once the barbecue is turned on, it looks like nobody cares. If you do care, check out these smart tableware to set up a cozy dinner table.

Bread & Dip

Serve baguette and dips in style with the Bread & Dip. The bowl and trays can be served together. The bamboo board can be used to cut the bread or present different appetizers.

Serve & Stack

Serve your appetizers, sauces or healthy bites in matching trays with the Serve & Stack. Easy to store by stacking all the trays.

Active Cooling Carafe

Replace those soda bottles with the Active Cooling Carafe. Chill an keep your drinks cool within reach.

Cool plate

Keep your food fresh at table with the Cool Plate. The active cooling elements within keep your food cool. No need to run to the fridge for the next round.

Enjoy the summer season and have fun with your barbecue plans!