Barbecue: easy prepping

Most of the time hosting a barbecue means a long preparation and a messy kitchen. But the whole idea of inviting friends and family over for a cozy barbecue is that you have some time to enjoy this as well. Want to win some time with prepping and cleaning up afterwards? Check out these miracle tools.

Marinate in minutes

Forgot to marinate the meats overnight? Or having a spontaneous barbeque? You can easily marinate your meat or fish within minutes. The Instant Marinater works by creating a vacuum which opens up the pores and fibers of the product for a deep and instant marinate. With the PopSome Flavor you can measure and mix your homemade dressings and marinade.

Fun skewering

Where do you even find the motivation to make twenty-plus skewers with your bare hands? To string all these slippery and raw ingredients on a stick. With the Quick Skewer you can easily create various skews. Place all ingredients in a row, close the Quick Skewer and insert the skewer in one easy motion!


Tropical BBQ

Between these heavy dishes it is also nice alternate with a sweet bite. A fruity salad or tropical skewers. With the Pineapple Slicer you can easily create bite-sized chunks of fresh pineapple!

Fast refreshment

Make your own lemonade and enjoy the refreshment within minutes! With the Active Cooling Carafe you can chill your drinks and keep them cool for hours.

Less mess

Nobody wants to dive into the kitchen after a satisfying barbecue. Keep your kitchen clean with the Utensil Rest, no more stains from dirty utensils on your countertop. Use the Disposable Cutting Boards to prevent cross contamination, but it will also help you prevent the need to scrub your kitchen clean.


So last-minute barbecue plans? This shouldn’t be a problem anymore!